Terms and Conditions - Drjobs

Part I – Registration

Your registration with Dr. Job is the sole responsibilities of your company, you are responsible for the security of your user name and password.

Part II – Dr. Job Service

Dr. Job is a premium job search engine for the employers, you can post jobs, download CV’s of the candidates at FREE of cost.

Part III – Fees & Charges

Dr. Job services and its features including social media coverage, live interview, featured employer, featured jobs posting, database download, hiring, recruiting and other features to be launch soon are FREE OF COST for the employers.

Part IV – Recruitment Programs& Job Fair

Employers are encourage to invite Dr. Job for recruitment events and or sponsored events to showcase Dr. Job services and/or to use Dr. Job service to promote recruitment fair in order to reach more job applicants.

Part V – Jobs Postings

Employer can post multiple jobs vacancies to Dr. Job portal, employer can also modify, removed, delete jobs posted on the portal Jobs posting will be verified by Dr. Job support team, Dr. Job support team will call the employer to confirm the jobs posted to ensure quality and premium jobs are posted. Jobs postings that are not conform to the Dr. Job policy will be automatically rejected.

Part VI – Jobs Postings Modifications, Substitutions and Rejection

Dr. Job at its own discretion may modify, substitute or reject the jobs posted by the Employer, to ensure the quality of the jobs posted.

Jobs Modifications

Dr. Job may modify jobs posted by Employer, modifications includes the job descriptions, company descriptions, and removal of company details such as numbers, email address as this features are already included in the Dr. Job portal during the jobs postings.

Numbers and email addresses may be approved if the job posted are classified as “Walk-in Interview”, to ensure that all jobseekers has the proper information of the interview date, timings and place.

In the event that the employer does not conform to the company descriptions, Dr. Job will copy the company descriptions to employer website, and post to the jobs posted by the employer under the company descriptions, this will give the opportunity for the jobseekers to understand the employer industry and to give them the opportunity to know more for their future employers


To ensure the consistency of the standard job postings, Dr. Job may substitute some words that are applicable to the employer job postings, words that may applicable and relevant to the jobs posted, substitutions may include parts of the jobs posted or the whole parts if needed.


Dr. Job may reject the jobs posted of the employer, jobs that does not conform to Dr. Job policy such as posting jobs related to networking, multi-level marketing, soliciting numbers, inviting jobseekers to whatapp groups, scam, fraud etc. this practices are not acceptable within Dr. Job policy.

All jobs posted are reviewed and filtered by Dr. Job team, any jobs posted that falls on the mentioned category may resulted to the rejection of the jobs posted or deletion of the employers accounts without prior noticed.

In case the employer want to reinstate the account due to deletions, employer will send email to [email protected] with proper justifications. Request will be reviewed by Dr. Job if the employer request will be granted, approvals will be done on a case to case basis.

Part VII – Social Media Posting, Live Interview, Career Blogs

Employers must agree that Dr. Job may post employer job vacancies to its social media update, job posting includes the employer’s logo. Employers may also share career blogs to be posted to Dr. Job websites at FREE of cost.Employers may be invited by Dr. Job to be part of its live interview broadcasted to Dr. Job social media account, the live interview covers the available job opportunities of the employers. Live interview locations will be at employer’s discretion, live interviews usually hold at the Dr. Job in-house studio or at employer’s premises.

Part VIII – Communications

Employers must agree that Dr. Job will be sending regular email notifications related to the jobs posting, service upgrade features, bulk sms, and interview invitations among others.

Part IX – Support& Feedback

Employers may contact Dr. Job hotline numbers below for service or technical support, employers are also encourage to share their feedback for the Dr. Job service.

Part X –Prohibited Use

Dr. Job at its own discretion may delete jobs posting or the employer accounts if the jobs posting found to be misuse, offensive and sensitive in nature and it is not acceptable within the UAE Culture.

Dr. Job Company,
Abu Dhabi City,
United Arab Emirates,
[email protected]

Part XI – Prohibited Use to Minors

Any registered user using Dr. Job service who are Minor/under the age of 18 shall not register as a user of the website and shall not transact on or use the website

Part XII – Governing Law and Jurisdictions

Any purchase, transactions, dispute or claims arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of UAE.